Developing the next generation of UAS to better serve future markets and hundreds of real world applications. 

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Creating the means to utilize a wide array of advanced sensors, to tailor the results to your application needs. 

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Industrial solutions 

Cost effective  monitoring and data collection. Find the problem and solve it, BEFORE it becomes a problem.

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The Mark II

Turn hours of data collection
into a point and click task.

The MARK II precision monitoring unmanned aerial system turns an expensive, time consuming  task into a simple, cost effective means of scanning gathering crucial information.

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Vehicle Endurance

Electric : Designed to stay aloft for up to 25 minutes and on a single battery charge.  This means more flying, less battery charging.

Gasoline : Designed to stay aloft for up to 4 hours 45 minutes
for when prolonged flight times are a must.

Vehicle Specification

Vehicle Range

Horizontal flight speeds up to 65 knots coupled with extended endurance times give the Mark II superior range compared to its competition .


Vehicle size

There is no mistaking, this IS NOT A TOY.  The Mark II may fall under the "small unmanned aerial systems" category however, with its grand 9ft wing span, impressive 6ft diameter rotors, and  40lbs gross weight, you will be quick to realize it is anything but small.

This size gives way to more sensor real estate, higher payload capacity and added awesome points


What altitude does it fly at?

The Mark II will fly at an altitude no higher than 400ft as dictated by current FAA standards. Additionally, for best scanning and surveillance efforts, a lower altitude between 200-300ft is preferred. However, the flight ceiling of the Mark II is much higher.

OUR Passionate TEAM

Kerry karl

Chief executive officeR

carolina Anderson, phd


bob raskey

vice president

pat anderson

PhD IN Aerospace Engineering
Chief Scientist

Vinod Gehlot 

aerospace engineering
phd student 

Zachery Kern

Mark II program manager

Javier Cisneros


paul andreoli

unmanned aerial systems - Aeronautical sciences student
Mark ii flight test pilot
Ways We Work

How we do it


Our team consists of some of the foremost respected names in aviation and aircraft controls in the industry.  This coupled with the most driven conglomeration  of university students and company employees guarantees a successful project.


All the technology packed into this impressive machine is painstakingly  developed and manufactured in house using techniques of the highest precision. Everything from the structure to the software is designed by us, so you can trust that its all works together the way it should. 


With an experienced research team complemented by renowned sensor integration personnel, we can detect and plan the most effective solution to a rapid recovery.


Let us help you.  This vehicle was designed to be intuitive, simple-to-use and fault tolerant under almost any condition.  However, in the off chance a problem does arise, our knowledgeable staff will quickly troubleshoot any problems to get you back into the air with trust worthy results.

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